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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mesothelioma risk buried by Ottawa government, scientist alleges

Mesothelioma risk buried by Ottawa government, scientist alleges
Trevor Ogden is the British scientist who headed the Health Canada panel that studied the risk of mesothelioma and other cancers from Canadian chrysotile asbestos. Dr. Ogden says that the Ottawa government tried to suppress the panel’s report because it was a threat to the Canadian province’s asbestos industry. Canadian asbestos is exported to countries in the developing world, and the Ottawa government has spent almost $20 million in the last 25 years promoting its asbestos exports.

The expert panel was convened in late 2007, and the report was completed in March 2008. But it took more than a year for the report to become available—and even then, only through public information requests made by the media.

Health Canada has still not published the report on its website, as it generally does for scientific studies that are funded by the organization. It says that the delay has been necessary to fully review the report and discuss the findings with “other federal and provincial partners.”

The report confirms that chrysotile asbestos causes cancer—as has been generally accepted by health organizations around the globe. The report also discussed the frequently contamination of chrysotile asbestos with tremolite fibers, the same type of asbestos that contaminated the vermiculite ore in Libby, Montana and caused hundred of deaths there.

A British expert who oversaw a report on the dangers of the chrysotile variety of asbestos says he believes Ottawa tried to suppress his work to protect the Quebec industry that mines the cancer-causing mineral.

"I can only speculate, and my speculation is that there were interests in continuing Canadian production of chrysotile and they saw the report as a threat," Trevor Ogden, editor-in-chief of the Annals of Occupational Hygiene and a former top adviser to the British government on asbestos hazards, said in an interview.
Dr. Ogden headed an expert panel that Health Canada assembled in late 2007 to study the cancer risk of chrysotile. The report has been ready since March, 2008, but has been available only since last week after Access to Information Act requests from the media, including The Globe and Mail.

Health Canada isn't publishing the report on its website, the usual practice for scientific studies that it funds, but says anyone who asks for a copy will be given one.

Although the link between asbestos and cancer is accepted internationally, the saga of the report indicates just how sensitive the issue is within the federal government.

Canada and other developed countries use little asbestos, and many nations ban it because of the health and liability risk. Most of Quebec's production is exported to the developing world for use as an inexpensive additive to strengthen cement building products.

Ottawa has spent nearly $20-million since 1984 promoting the mineral abroad.

Health Canada said it delayed releasing the report because of the need to study it. "Health Canada took the time necessary to carefully review the findings of the report, and to consult with other federal and provincial partners," it said in a statement to The Globe.

The introduction to the report, written by Dr. Ogden, concludes that chrysotile shows "a strong relationship of exposure with lung cancer, but a much less certain relationship with mesothelioma," a cancer in the lining of the chest wall.

The report also concludes that chrysotile generally contains trace amounts of a more harmful variety of asbestos known as tremolite.

As well, the panel noted but couldn't explain why the results of two studies suggest that it is far more of a health hazard for people to work with asbestos than to mine it.

The studies showed that lung cancer risk in South Carolina textile workers who use asbestos was about 70 times greater than that of Quebec's miners, according to the report. Asbestos causes cancer when its fibres are inhaled.

In an interview, Leslie Stayner, an epidemiology professor at the University of Illinois who was on Health Canada's asbestos panel, said researchers do not know why the textile workers were at greater risk. He said one theory is that the longer asbestos fibres used to make textiles are more deadly.

Dr. Stayner says he would be reluctant to work with Health Canada again because he feels the government "violated" an understanding that the work would be published in a timely fashion on a government website.

Health Canada said in its statement that it "sought the advice of leading international scientists on the risks posed by chrysotile asbestos so that it could better understand the scientific debate. No other country has encouraged such a debate amongst scientists with widely varying opinions."

Health Canada isn't alone in having trouble handling the issue of asbestos.

Late last month, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff responded to a questioner at a town hall in Victoria about Canada's asbestos exports by saying the sales "of this dangerous product overseas has got to stop."

The remarks were recorded by the Tyee, the British Columbia-based online magazine.

"I'm probably walking right off the cliff into some unexpected public policy bog of which I'm unaware, but if asbestos is bad for parliamentarians in the Parliament of Canada, it just has to be bad for everybody else," he said.

But when he was later asked about the remark by reporters, he dropped the call for an end to exports.

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Mesothelioma Specialists around US

Monday, March 23, 2009

Find out if you’ve been exposed to asbestos at work

Find out if you’ve been exposed to asbestos at work

The mesothelioma attorneys of Weitz & Luxenberg would like to share the experience of a man who inquired about his legal options after having spent many years working in jobs that exposed him to asbestos. At the time he contacted the mesothelioma lawyers of Weitz & Luxenberg, he only had 68% lung capacity left.

In the 1970s, he worked as an auto repairman. Asbestos is frequently used in automobile parts such as brakes. This is because asbestos does not burn and is therefore suitable for use in friction products such as brakes. Mechanics who work with car brakes employ two procedures that can expose them to airborne asbestos fibers: Air-blowing brake wear debris, which frequently contains dusty chrysotile asbestos; and grinding and beveling new asbestos brake linings or pads, which can release asbestos fibers into the air.

Asbestos fibers are often not visible to the human eye. Thus, a mechanic working with asbestos containing brakes is at risk for inhaling asbestos fibers without even being aware of it. Once inhaled, asbestos fibers remain within the body and can cause serious diseases like mesothelioma and lung cancer decades later.

Although asbestos is banned in new U.S. vehicles, globalization and outsourcing allow automobile components (formerly assembled inside the United States) to come from outside the United States, where asbestos regulations are lax or even non-existent. Thus, auto workers continue to be at high risk for asbestos exposure.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sauna - The Top Choice

Infrared Sauna - The Top Choice

The infrared sauna is quickly becoming the product of choice when it comes to residential or commercial saunas. Unlike traditional units, which use steam to warm the air, infrared saunas use a special type of heat called far-infrared radiant heat, or FIR, a natural energy that penetrates the skin directly without raising the temperature of the surrounding air.

FIR harnesses the therapeutic warming effects of the sun without the harmful UV components, so it's a safe and effective way to reap the many benefits of sauna usage, which include increased circulation, pain relief, toxin removal and many others.

What makes far infrared saunas superior to traditional types is that they are much more effective, delivering deep heat penetration with much less energy expenditure. Therefore they are less costly to operate, and maximize efficiency.

Also, because they do not heat up the air surrounding the user, they operate at much lower temperatures, only 110-130 degrees Fahrenheit vs. 180-215 degrees for a traditional unit. This offers a much more comfortable environment for the bather, not to mention safer. Regular saunas are often steamy and hot, and it is often quite difficult to breathe. Many older people and those with health conditions tend not to use them for this reason. The infra red sauna, with its noticeably cooler, more breathable environment, can be enjoyed by anyone, young, old or infirm.

Other advantages of far infrared saunas include much quicker warming time, usually 10-20 minutes vs. up to an hour or more, increased sweat leading to more toxin removal, easier assembly and lower costs.

There will always be those individuals who prefer the traditional sauna experience, adapted from Finnish custom, throwing water on hot stones to give off steam. To them that is the only true way to bathe.

But for a growing number of people, infra red saunas are the way to go, offering a relaxing, therapeutic environment without the drawbacks of steam units. This new technology provides a way to reap the many health benefits without having to endure oppressive heat.

Whichever type you choose, you can enjoy it right in the privacy of your own home, because they make units in every size and shape for residential use. You can choose from pre-built models or build one from scratch with a sauna kit.

Do a little research and see what appeals to you. If you're a purist then a Finnish model might be your top choice. If not, you might find that far infrared saunas are just what you're looking for.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Mesothelioma Test Improves Diagnosis

New Mesothelioma Test Improves Diagnosis
Since introducing miRview™ meso in December 2008, Rosetta Genomics has already begun distributing the breakthrough test in Israel and Turkey.

miRview™ meso is a microRNA-based molecular diagnostic test that differentiates malignant pleural mesothelioma from other carcinomas in the lung. Malignant mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is almost exclusively caused by asbestos exposure. Those who are typically at risk of contracting the disease have either worked in the shipyard, construction, electrical, or automotive industry.

The test uses up-to-date molecular technologies for the processing and measuring of microRNAs. MicroRNAs, which are a newly-discovered family of genes in protein complexes, have been shown to be very specific to different types of tissues and tumors.

During the test, two separate scores are calculated to indicate the amount of mesothelioma and non-mesothelioma microRNAs in the sample. The scores are then analyzed to determine whether or not the sample is a mesothelioma or non-mesothelioma sample.

Although miRview™ meso is only being distributed to the public in Israel and Turkey, Rosetta Genomics has made the test commercially available to the United States through its Philadelphia-based CLIA-certified lab.

The test, which can only be ordered by a physician, simply requires a formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tumor tissue sample to be shipped to Rosetta Genomics’ Philadelphia-based lab. Once the sample is received, results can be available within 10 business days.

This test is a critical breakthrough for diagnosing mesothelioma. Currently, there is no single marker that is entirely conclusive for either malignant mesothelioma or metastatic tumor, which often makes it difficult for physicians to make a complete diagnosis. However, Rosetta Genomics’ miRview™ meso test applies microRNA biomarkers and molecular technology to address this clinical need. High confidence cases have already shown 100 percent accuracy in determining the presence of mesothelioma.

Through the duration of 2009, Rosetta Genomics expects to conduct about 2,000 miRview™ meso tests in its laboratory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mesothelioma Cancer Treatment - Clinical Trials

Mesothelioma is a rare and severe type of cancer. The treatments available are not effective in treating the disease. This also arises partly from the fact that the disease is not well known. New methods and procedures need to be developed in order to improve the effectiveness of the treatment. Clinical trials are studies directed for the purpose to develop new treatments and to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of these new treatments.

There are basically four phases in a clinical trial and each phase has its goals. The phases are as follows:

Phase 1: This phase studies the safety and side effects of a new drug. It tries to determine the best way that this new drug is administered and tries to determine the appropriate dosage. It is important to state that not only new drugs are studied in a clinical trial but treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy and other treatments may also be studied. Before any treatment is tested on humans it has been already tested in the laboratory, usually on animals, but its side effects on humans will not accurately be determined until it is actually tested on them.

Phase 2: In this phase the treatment's effectiveness to fight mesothelioma will be studied and the treatment's safety will further be evaluated.

Phase 3: the new treatment is compared to existing treatments in order to study side effects and confirm its effectiveness.

Phase 4: Information is gathered in order to determine how an already approved treatment can be used to treat other diseases.

To be eligible for a clinical trial the patient should have certain characteristics. Eligibility depends on the stage of the disease, the age of the individual and many other factors. There are different types of clinical trials and eligibility is not the same for all. There is no guarantee that a clinical trial will produce the desired results. Further more the patient is obviously exposed to certain risks. Therefore it is very important that the patient talks with his physician and is well informed about the advantages and risks involved and the adequacy of clinical trial in his or her particular situation.

For more info go to Mesothelioma Cancer


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good News for mesothelioma effected people

Good News for mesothelioma effected people
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A must to see site with all you need for a mesothelioma disease.

Financial Burden of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma requires a lot of money for treatment. Professional fees for medical doctors, laboratory expenses and medicines need money. Since the patient is unable to earn an income because of his incapacity to work, all the more money is needed.

This dreadful disease exerts a lot of financial burden to the family. The main cause for this is the inhalation of asbestos fiber so the most likely candidates for this disease are those who work at asbestos mining sites and manufacturing plants which use asbestos as one of their raw materials.

The candidates for this disease are not only limited to the workers who come in contact with asbestos fibers but also to the family members. Asbestos fiber can stick to the clothes and when the worker goes home, asbestos dust can spread to the house.

The patient can consult a lawyer with regards to seeking compensation from the company he worked for. If a compensation cannot be arranged, the patient has every right to file a legal suit against the entity which is responsible for the mesothelioma. Inhalation from asbestos fibers can be prevented with pollution control and proper protective gadgets which the entity has obvious failed to observe.

This disease can go undetected for decades and by the time it is diagnosed, the advanced stage has taken place which leaves the patient for only a few more years to live. During those times, expenses for medical treatments rise without money coming in because the patient is unable to work.

It is necessary for people who are exposed to asbestos not to take for granted the symptoms which can be attributed to common illnesses such as difficulty in breathing or pain in the chest or stomach. If these symptoms occur, a visit to the physician for possible mesothelioma case should be considered. Early diagnosis can make treatments more effective.

Seeking legal aid to receive compensation is important to cover the medical expenses. Sustenance of the family members whose breadwinner may leave behind should also be considered when filing a legal suit. Your lawyer can discuss with you all possibilities for claiming compensation which you so rightly deserve.

Lawyers and attorneys specializing in mesothelioma cases can easily be found online. Just search for the phrase "mesothelioma lawyers" and you will find several lawyers from different locations. Find a lawyer near you after you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma before the statute of limitations will elapse.

This disease imposes so much pain not only for the patient but also to family members. Emotional and financial burden can beset the home making life very miserable. Easing the financial burden by seeking legal aid can contribute so much to alleviating the low spirit that can dominate the home.

Compensation can be acquired which can more than sustain the family members left behind. There are cases where millions can be received but it cannot surely replace the emotional burden and hardship of the family during the illness. Emotional stress from the loss of a loved one can extend for many years.

Learn more about what mesothelioma is and easily search for mesothelioma lawyers online if you need one.